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Frequently Asked Questions

On réponds à vos premières questions afin que vous puissiez bien démarrer votre projet!

Disclaimer: We strongly recommend that you carry out your own checks with the different people

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Why should you trust us?

We've gone through this process and we know how difficult it can be to find a bus to our liking, so we offer to help people find their dream bus according to their preferences.


Being ourselves in the RV conversion process, we will be happy to give you advice and little tips as needed throughout your process. In addition, as we started this project with the primary goal of helping others, we will be happy to answer all your questions, even if you don't choose one of our buses at the end!  


Unlike some bus vendors, we won't judge your project, your budget, or your values because each bus is unique and that's really what we find great in this movement.  

We're available, and even when we don't have the answer, we direct you to resources that may be able to help!

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How do I choose the type of bus I need?

It all depends on what you plan to do with your bus and in your bus! Do you plan to do "full time" and therefore live full time on your bus? Or rather go out occasionally? Are you alone, with a partner, or with the whole family?

It is also important to be aware of your daily needs. Try to notice which room you spend the most time in and which cabinets you might not be without in your home, this will help you determine your actual needs. After that, it will be much easier for you to choose the size of your future bus!

Do not forget when planning that a flat nose bus (Flatnose) have about 5 feet longer inside, but 4 wheel turns, rather than just 2 in "Dognose" or none in a minibus. !

Do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions about how to fit everything into this small space! Everything is doable, you just have to think about it!

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What are the differences between a 5000 bus vs a $ 15,000 bus

It is extremely difficult to decide on a fixed price, because all used buses are unique. If a bus is recent but has bad mechanics, the bus might be worth less than an old bus with good mechanics, the reverse is also true, and not only for the mechanics as for the aesthetics.


It is also necessary to take into account the equipment of this one, the future maintenances to be done and those which have already been done in order to really know if one bus is worth more than another. All buses have their little flaws, and we must not forget that we get a used vehicle that has not always been maintained properly, so despite all precautions, mechanical glitches are common from the start.  

With, you make sure you have a bus that has passed the eye of experienced mechanics, or at least, that you have a PRECISE idea of the problem. 

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How much does a used bus cost?

Obviously, this question depends 100% on the type of vehicle you are looking for and the accessories you want. So the price may vary depending on the type of vehicle, its year, its engine, aesthetic condition, mechanics, etc. 

We therefore advise to consider an investment between $ 4,500 - $ 20,000 (or more depending on your needs) in order to start on a good basis.

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What license do I need to drive a bus

As a bonus on board, a bus requires  a Class 2 driver's license and you will need to do a mechanical inspection (approximately $ 190) every six months. The bus will remain considered a "bus" as long as you do not modify it slightly.

It will be necessary to trivialize the school lights and remove the stop sign as well as the benches in order to be able to label it as a "Personal Heavy Vehicle". By doing this, you officially need a Class 3 to drive your bus, but the inspection will be annual. It is good to know that " a driving license of one of the classes 4A, 4B and 5 also allows its holder to drive, for the sole purpose of repairing or moving the vehicle, a road vehicle the driving of which is authorized. by a license of one of classes 3, 4A and 4B ";


Finally, if you are converting to a full RV (requires approval from the SAAQ)  you will be able to drive your bus with a class 5 license.

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How often do we receive buses?

We are working tirelessly to find the bus of your dreams, unfortunately, during the school year it is much more difficult to get hold of them because they are used by schools. We therefore receive approximately a small fleet every 2-3 weeks depending on the availability of our partners.

Obviously, the best time to get a used bus is towards the end of the school year, and that's when we will receive the most vehicles. So there is more to choose from at this time of year, but the choices are flying fast! 

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How do we work?

Usually, when we receive a new batch of buses, we send an email to everyone who has completed the form. This email remains exclusive to our list for 48 hours, then we post the bus publicly. 
We therefore advise you to check your emails (and spam) regularly so as not to miss anything! If our email arrives in your spam (frequent with Outlook), add us as a safe contact, this way you will not miss our emails.

If you want us removed from the list, just respond to one of our emails to let us know, we will remove you immediately.

The buses are all sold clean (surface cleaning) and only after having been inspected by our experienced mechanics. You can also make a request to invite your own mechanic to check the condition of the vehicle.


Obviously, vehicles are used and sold as is, so there can always be unforeseen circumstances after purchase as with any used vehicle. 

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How much does the maintenance of a bus cost?

We will not hide it, a bus is expensive to maintain, especially if we have no knowledge of diesel mechanics.


In this case, be sure to quickly find a garage or a mechanic who will accept to receive you, as few of them agree to repair buses. We advise you to set aside part of your budget because there are often (always) unforeseen events and it can quickly rise above $ 1000 in repairs!

Fortunately, as these vehicles are designed to travel several hundred kilometers per day, the parts that you change will have little chance of breaking again if you take good care of your bus!

Is your question not there? Ask us here!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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